The Delta Qualiflight Program , There are many steps to take toward becoming a professional pilot. At Delta-Qualiflight you can qualify for any or all of the certifications you will need: Private Pilots License, Commercial Pilots License, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot

To successfully complete and be certified in ALL of the courses in preparation for becoming a Career/Professional Pilot requires 4 to 6 months on average, depending on your prior preparation, dedication, skill level, and aptitude. Beginning student's most frequently asked questions are answered in the FAA's STUDENT PILOT GUIDE

 At Delta-Qualiflight, your education and training is structured so that your Career/Professional Pilot program can be completed in significantly less time, and at much less cost than similar programs in schools in many other countries. In our intensive programs, you get the flying hours you need over a shorter period of time. You’ll learn more and learn it more quickly! 


Delta Qualiflight was founded in 1970 by K. M. Miloud


Future Goals

Aviation tends to advance technology and DeltaQualiflight goals are to meet and exceed the ever changeing industry




Get On Board With Us

The World Becomes Smaller

You have a passion for aviation and dreams of your own.  We share that passion for flight, and we are here to help make your dreams become a reality! We are Paris Air, Inc. and we offer the location, aircraft, talent and experience to make your dreams take wing. Success means more than just being the best... It means exceeding the highest level of competency and safety in the sky. When you are ready to fulfill your dreams, Paris Air is here to help you make the world a smaller place. At Paris Air, Inc., not even the sky is the limit. 

Learn how to become a pilot with Paris Air flying lessons. We can assist your with your private pilot license as well as commercial pilot training so you can start down the path of becoming an airline pilot. Pilot schools or aviation schools like Paris Air are the best places for becoming a pilot and learning about aviation courses like how to fly a helicopter. Located in Vero Beach Florida, we want to help you fly. Whether you are looking for flight lessons such as helicopter lessons and airplane pilot training, or you are interested in charters to Bahamas, give us a call and let us get you in the air.




Skymate Professional Flight Training

Skymates has been the premier flight training provider in the DFW area since 1996

We have trained hundred of professional pilots who are now flying all over the world. Our fleet consists of Cessna 172s, the most popular aircraft ever built. Our FAA approved programs are designed to help you achieve your goal of becoming an FAA Commercial Pilot, completing 250 hours in as little as 6 months

Skymates is a Part 141 FAA approved flight training provider. We offer comprehensive flight training packages designed to take you from 0 flight experience to a commercial pilot. We also offer individual training packages for the Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Airline Transport Certificate, as well as Multi-Engine Ratings

With the Cessna Flight Training System, you’ll quickly become a knowledgeable, competent pilot. Our scenario-based interactive instruction programs work hand in hand with your actual flight experience – allowing you to prepare for your next training flight before you even take off. So you can learn at your own pace. And you know your path to progress



Sunrise Flight Academy

Sunrise Flight Academy (SFA), ideally located in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida, is known by students worldwide for top quality pilot training at a lower cost. Compare Sunrise’s flight training costs to other academies in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, and you will see the cost advantages of Sunrise Flight Academy. If becoming an airline pilot is your goal, SFA offers the unique combination of better prices, individualized instruction and rapid completion of training







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